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Sorry, commissions are currently CLOSED.

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! Below you can find pricing information and examples of the different types of commissions I am currently taking. I aim to make this process as fulfilling and easy as possible by providing you with as much information as I can upfront, as well as allowing for open communication throughout the entire creation process. 

Please note:

The prices below are for individual and personal commissions. If you are a business or nonprofit looking for illustrative work, logos, ads, or graphics, prices vary depending on contract. Let's talk!

Commission Types

Pet/Animal Portraits: $50 +

This category includes a digital illustration of a pet or animal with a plain color background starting at a $50 minimum.

-Additional animals: $25 each

-Add background: $25+ (depending on complexity)

-Add Text: $5+ (depending on complexity)


Untitled-Artwork (1).jpg


Untitled-Artwork (2).jpg

$50 + $25 (bkrd)= $75


$50 + $25 (bkrd) +$5 (text)= $80

People Portraits: $75 +

This category includes an upper body digital portrait of a person or character with a plain color background starting at $75.

-Additional subjects (including people or animals): $25 each

-Add full body: $15

-Add background: $25+ (depending on complexity)
-Add text: $5+ (depending on complexity)



Untitled-Artwork (41).jpg


$75 + $15 (full body)= $90

$75 + $25 (add subject)= $100


$75 + $15 (full body) + $25 (add subject)=$115

$75 + $15 (full body) +$25 (bkrd)=$115

$75+ $50 (add 2 subjects) + $15 (full body) + $25 (bkrd)=$165

Please Note:

-All digital commissions require a 50% deposit before I begin drawing. This goes towards your total payment which will be paid in full upon completion of your piece. Deposits are non-refundable. Venmo, paypal, cash, or check are accepted.

-Once your payment is received, your place in the queue will be confirmed and you will receive an estimated completion date.

-Before I begin illustrating, we will discuss details on composition and expectations. I may also ask you for reference photos of subjects, or even some more information on who/whatever I may be drawing for you. I like to make my drawings as personal and true to their subjects' personalities as possible!

-When complete, you will receive a high quality digital image of the final illustration in the form of a JPEG and/or PDF file .

-Included with every commission of $150+ is the option to view my preliminary sketch, and one round of simple revision is allowed (and encouraged). With bigger projects, more rounds of revisions may be allowed and necessary. We will discuss all of this when we go over pricing together.
-YES, I do accept tips, if you think I went above and beyond your expectations!

Abstract Murals

Looking to add some color and excitement to your walls? I've got you! I am now offering abstract mural paintings for commission! 

$12/sq foot (ex. Got a 10'x7' wall you want covered? 70 sq ft x $12= $840)

This includes:

-All supplies (paint, brushes, rollers, tarps, rags, tape, ladder, scaffold and/or projector rental if necessary, etc.)

Additional costs may be applicable in situations including excessive travel, time constraints, exteriors, special material requests, or damaged/rough-textured surfaces. 

My stream-of-consciousness mural process style generally takes about a week to completion, depending on my other on-going projects. 

Covid-19 Note:

Your safety is important to me. I will take extra precautions during the pandemic to ensure the protection of your health and peace of mind. This includes meetings and consultations available over videochat, contactless work time, sanitation of my tools and work space (if they might be handled by others), as well as wearing a mask and gloves and practicing social distancing in the presence of others.

How to Submit a Commission Request:

If you're interested in commissioning me (thank you!) please email me at

or fill out the simple form on the "Contact" page of this website. Please include a description of the type of commission you're interested in and any other details you think I should know. I will respond within 1-3 business days and we can get the ball rolling! 


This could be your home office! 10'x7' Mural completed June 2020.


Thank you for taking the time to read this information!

I hope to hear from you soon!

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